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Our company with its product quality and customer portfolio by increasing day by day has manufactured table and chair since 1990 that has reached up to now.

Our firm starting with the name of Güngör Madeni Eşya is going on its way with the certificate of incorporation of Decosit brand by 2008. Besides our company is know in Agean Region; we are making progress to make everybody aware of us.

Our factory provides service with the department of giving shape to tube and profile bending, welding, electrostatics powder coat, ulphostering, wood proccessing, varnishing in 4000 m2 closed area. Our products comply with Turkish Standards and are quaranteed for two years.

We are renewing our product collection according to the accretion and modification in our segment. We are using the best quality raws in order to reach the best results.
Furthermore our production method is implemented with new and hi-tech machines, experienced engineers and techinicions and qualified personnel.

Unique Design

All of our products have been carefully designed by our in-house designers, with the needs of the users in mind.

Hi-Tech Production

We carry out our production with new and high technology machines, experienced engineers and technicians and qualified personel.

Fast Delivery

Our products are produced when the order is received. However, we have a very fast production process with the technical and technological equipment we have.

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